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Day Out of Lockdown in Asar 6 in Pokhara

Day Out of Lockdown in Asar 6 in Pokhara from the Srijanachowk further visiting to bring the buy the machinery item from Bhanu Machinery over there. Since I have my own outside in front of the Bhanu Machinery then I took this image from there. It will make quiet vehicle will be making the busy road will happen to see there. Even the police didn’t stop all of them while during this time over there. Day out during at 11 am morning I arrived under this place move some part buy over there. 

Even I have gone with the father over that place to move on there. There is nothing feels the Lockdown Pokhara side in days time. All of the people will be move here and there side there. Even the Taxi and Private car will be running into the roadside there. Big heavy material will be brought into the Pokhara valley also there. 

And I have felt that Lochkadov is a family in Pokhara. And we went to work in another place above. And he took the same and went to work. We have to go for our work. I also felt like Open in Lockdown. We can also go outside. Lochkadov is also open in place of Pokhara. I have also shown in the video that you should know that there is such a thing about Lockdown.

From now on, you can also go to the bank. You may have gone too. If it was kept by Police, you may also know your reason. If you realize it yourself, the reason will go away. There are also people who say that they have gone to get their belongings. You can also go by yourself. It is also open during the day. I am also happy that Lochkadov is so loose. But it is not completely loose.

Day Out of Lockdown in Asar 6 in Pokhara will be updated towards friends who will know this way to do. Even you can see yourself in your eye from there. You might be visiting over there. Lockdown Pokhara is slow will be open will be back own normal condition there. 

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