Lockdown will be extended 7 days more in Pokhara

Lockdown will be extended 7 days more in Pokhara A restraining order has been extended in the Kaski district from 12 noon on Jestha 31 to 12 noon on Asar 7. The Kaski administration has added a new injunction to the construction shop, adding that the situation has not been brought under control despite a slight reduction in the transition rate of the Covid 19 with the new variant.

According to the District Administration Office, Kaski, the injunction will be extended for one hour from 5 am to 10 am to buy and sell essential food items. But they have added only the one hour only in the morning time with the food item shop over there. Even the people will be able to buy from the shop will be open till that time over. Due to covid-19 will be increased in Pokhara that why the police will be make decided this make them.

This time, the shops for development materials will be open from 5 to 7 p.m. This is also another will be added will be open this time period they have done this open there. But the still they have made open without any cost will happen with there. 

They have updated this Lockdown will be extended 7 days more in Pokhara will be larger days will be spent under this month also too. But their people will be unable to shitting own home to make stay own home there. But we want to make going outside during the urgent works happen into the different place of Pokahra valley but the police will be stopped with us here so. Police will be stopped with us to make were are going for he/she told we have gone any working for urgent to doing this one case will be meet it urgent over there. 


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