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Welcome to Asar Month 2078

Welcome to Asar Month 2078 this is the third month of the Nepali calendar of Nepal. This month they have to make their Ropali into their land into the different places of Nepal. Since there is monsoon happen to see this month. While the moons will be started the cultivated the land to make Rice planting Paddy.

Even the first days of the month will be making the raining from outside because some of part of the land will destroy the landslide will happen to see outside the news into the social media page. This month also calling to me as Birthday Month which I have been remembering the past year month which I have been celebrating the birthday with my family there.

Village people will be busy on painting the Rice into their own land There. Even the were Making a lot of videos will be shared into the channel in YouTube side. During this time people will be staying in the home where they have been fighting with the virus also too. The government of Nepal will make the lockdown to make larger happen to our people.

Asar month which the people will remember their anniversary month of the day. He/She will share their own past-time of the image will be mention own social media side there. This month the people will be busy on Rice planting their own land. There is a different type of name of rice they have planted in their land.

During the morning time, they have spent with the working own housework there. The river will be already increased the number of plenty of water that happens to see there. Even I have going to see that further check into there. Because I cannot goes over there. I am really sad moment while happening this month of days isn’t open the lockdown in Nepal.

I will try to bring the cake into my home to celebrate their own family members there. Hope God will bless me under this one. I think I will be keep managed under this one. Hope this month might be opening the lockdown soon as possible to running as a normal condition among them there.

It will bring a lot of learning will be listening to this month. People will be happy to make their shopping in the different places in Nepal. Some people will be fighting against the virus during this time. So We are welcome to Asar month 2078 year will be spending the days there.

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