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I Feels Bored with This Lockdown in Nepal 2021

I Feels Bored with This Lockdown in Nepal 2021 this is another second lockdown that will be running from the Baisakh 14 it will be starting from our country Nepal. It will be slow increase the number of case happens in our country’s Nepal. Then the government immediately decide to make the as lockdown whole part of Nepal.

They have firstly update only one week to test the trailer that happens into the main city to start the PCR test in Kathmandu with all people. But it will be days by day it will be increased number of case happen in the place of Kathmandu place. They have made a strong strike happen with the vehicle to run their daily activities food item to save the people.

The first week I will be happy to send with the lockdown to asleep well into my own room. But by have been added another one week then I feel little bored while staying on home. The whole days I have seen watching the video, upload a video own channel then create an article on daily aside to there.

The previous month I gain to receive such kind of achievement under the youtube channel. Even the people will love my video over there. Even I have updated some info will be mention under my own channel to share there. Even I have to learn from this website to make a larger amount of posts daily then it will be coming the visiter into your website. Even I have also been trying to make more and more under the daily post there.

Then I will be finding out such news of quotes happen on the social media site also too. Even I also be found to create things into the mind then I will be created going on there. Some of the posts will be coming the least of visitor I to my website. Some days will feel happy to see to create a post over there. But while eating a launch break at 10am then it will feel bored to post own website there.

Whole days it will make me bored unable to talk with other people to see there. Because the people will be finding the interesting things happen into the lockdown over there. But they have goes on the market to share their own video also too. But while I am going to market their mask moment of people’s unable to stay over there.

Due to we need to safe from this virus and attack into our body over there. The way I cannot be posted to upload a video over there. Nowadays I feel a little more bored with the days. Even I watch YouTube on TV there is only the News of Covid-19 only there is not interesting serial to watch there.

It will be coming into our month over there. Now we need back under the normal condition over there. We need to make a little opening the lockdown in some parts of Nepal. But the people will be unable to make to open back their normal conditions over there. Some of the people will do work with the vehicle for working in another place. I Feels Bored with This Lockdown in Nepal 2021 during this year also too cannot going outside place from own vehicle to visit there. 

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