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My Saturday blog Story Part 48

My Saturday blog Story Part 48 is the date of June 12, 2021 I have been waking up early at 7 am morning time. Then I take a wash my face over into the kitchen room there then I take a cup of tea over there. Before a taken a cup of tea then I take some hot water over there daily moring time I have been doing this one. After then I have been taking into there further going the Tarakali Bazar shop over there. 

After the 3o minutes then I arrived at that place on Chipledhunga in Pokhara valley there. Even I have been there inside over there.

This place was full of people. These people have gone to get their vegetables. Why have we gone too? We also went to that place. It’s going to take the same for the house. Because there are so many people in that place, what is Corona? Polices are also given in the morning. People have to wear food. And it rained like rain, but it didn’t rain. Later we came home. Even after coming home, I started doing my work, but still.

I also checked my mobiles and why my mobiles didn’t work. I also lost my job on YouTube. A lot of people on YouTube have done it according to what I did, but there is no solution for me. I also had memory cards playing in my mind. And I opened the SIM and put it in again and checked it and it went away for a while. My mobile has said why the system is not working.

And we also lost the video, but I also lost the video with my mother. And when I came home with vegetables, I was losing episodes of The Voice of Nepal Season 3. And father and mother also looked at this and did what they did here. Even if it is sleeping during the day, there is nothing in it even at this time. This day is also mine. This is how my day went. My Saturday blog Story Part 48 will be ended here at night time I have been weekend episode over the reality show over there.

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