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The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 8

The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 8

The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 8 of April 10, 2021, at Saturday night time of Himalaya TV HD held into this shows there. Now the Sushil will welcome the new episode on the stage then he will be welcome the new contestant over there. Now the contestants will come to yo the stage to share their own there. Dekhya thapa from lalipur place of Nepal. She will sing it well on stage now the judges will be seeing her performing there infornt in lives shows there. All judges will be turns on white light with I want you with her singing style there.

She goes on Pramod judges which choose to discuss over there. She will know the Raju on the YouTube channel while she will be singing a song over there. She will join the Voice of  Nepal Season 3 blind audition round to show their own talent there. Top Raj Rai from Udayapur place of Nepal. Even he has his own shopping to run there. Now he will go on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 on a blind audition round to shows their own performance there. Judges Trisana will turn on white light to choose him for his own teams there.

Ishan Rai from Khotang place of Nepal. He will be singing well on stage there. Judges deep and Raju will be turned on with light color with I want you. They can’t speak much better there. All of the judges give good comments to him there. He chooses the deep judges there. Ayush Rai from Bhojpur place of Nepal. He shares his own daily lifestyle to mention there. He isn’t selected on the voice of Nepal season 3 so even some parts will be missing there so that the judges will not turn on it.

Ravi Gahatraj from Nachami South India Sikkim place of India which we want of songs on Nepali shows there. He will be found out the Nepali reality shows to performances own languages Nepali there so that he will be coming there. Judges Pramod will turn on there with the I want you so at ended the song’s period time there. Bijaya Thada Magar from Dhukuta place of Nepal. He will sing with his own band doing working on singing there. Judges Raju and Trisana will be turned into with I want you on the light of white which while doing performance over there.

He goes on judge’s Raju even he also explains the own place over there. He chooses him there wants to go there. Ashim Thapa from Kathmandu place of Nepal. He also shares about the journey of music to coming this shows to join there. Judges Pramod, deep, and Triana will be turned into the I want you selected as choose from his side there. Judges will give comments about him there. Even the Pramod will be happy to choose him there. He will do best in the next round there. Pervious season contestants will come this shows there his name is Nabin so that he will trying to turn on all the judges there.


He chose the judges Raju there. He will be happy going with judges Raju team there. Sushil will close the shows of episode 8 on Saturday night. He will continue to close it there. Hope this season will bring a lot of change to happen to see there. Hope you will continue this episode on the YouTube channel also too.

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