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How was your New Year 2078

How was your New Year 2078

How was your New Year 2078 of First of baisakh of New Year.New Year. Even this Year all the people will be visit the temple and workship a god there. Even you have found on nearest temple side people will be visiting there. They have use their own Tika during the temple side. Speical the female will going there temple in New Year. Most of part of people will making a fun and enjoyable with family member there. Even they have bath into the river side and then workship there

How was my New Year Started

When I wake up early the morning time then I see around the environment its seems very much coldest find out their weather. Then we have move on working into the new place to visit there. We have working into the Pokhara Valley side there. But we have enter to doing the working in a first day of Baisakh there. Even I have plans this days to celebrate with family. But this plan will be cancel because of the father doing make dismiss the plan there. Even we have working this in two place in Pokhara. So that my New year badly goes on there. Under this day will be happen there.

Because of some of user I have seen this market place they have happy to see this one. People will be visiting into our Pokhara place with different place of Nepal. They are trying to replace the new place to see the various place to travel there. Even I haven’t see the unknown place of people will visit our place in New year there. Because the people is the beautiful place of Nepal which the people can visit in New Year visiting in Pokhara.

Even some people will visit on hotel with the group of family members or friends to enjoy their party and entertainment over there Even they have share a New Year message with them. Even my haven’t any friends to wishes me and sending a plan to going to travel somewhere else to do it. But the plan will be celebrating with own home. Home party is the good and safe to enjoy with them there.

My New Year is really bad and unable to shit on home to enjoy as rest day with family member there. But even own sister and other people cannot call with own mother there. Even mother also making to feels sadness over while she will be telling us to me. But we have call own another person who will be always love with me and father also too. He also be remember us here everyday even sometimes he will call with us here.

Under this New Year my planning were cancel feels sadness for me. Even I have trying party on night time there. But whole days we spending own home that is the good way to enjoy and celebrate a New Year 2078 in Nepali. Hope coming new Yeat will remember and excited story will be mention under related my life and what I can faced it out there real one to meet to face on New Year. Hope you already enjoy a New Year this Year.

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