Happy New Year 2078 To all Nepali

Happy New Year 2078 To all Nepali

Happy New Year 2078 To all Nepali this is the first day of Baisakh welcome to the new year begins to know it. There are other 365Days begin starting from Nepal. As know this year we have made welcome and surprise to spending a message with the people to learn how we can celebrate this new year. According to the Nepali calendar, we have 12 months will be started it. After we finesh the Chaitra month then we have a Baisakh month means a New Year starting it.

This year will make us be proud of Suprise and special for me and other people. Because all the new year getting a new Year in 2078 but they have not of money to get to celebrating this year. Likewise simple poor family status has unable to make celebrate this new year begin started. During this first of days in our country Nepal we have close all transactions and created a new transaction over there.

This day will be getting a public holiday for all those people in the whole part of country Nepal. During this first, we have a different place to move and a new journey will begin to start it. This first of day people have made a new opening into the different place with new starting a new business over there. This year will bring a new lot of changes to happen to coming into my life because some people will be meet me and trying to share more and more stories share this one.

Mostly the new year the accident of people they will be Bath in the river the make puja over there. Then he/she will do a puja into the image of God and goddess there. They have also putting Tika into the head over there. During this test will need to become a successful movement heal going on there. Hope all people will bring a lot of change to happen to see three. All the people need to get more successful into their life. Hope they have made a successful forward to move on there.

Special new Year the people will be organizing some problem bring to change a new policy happen on society people to get new creative way to go on. Then we have already bye-bye the 2077 year which we have done everything happens that year. Hope so we need make celebrating a new year and new day will be enjoyful there.

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