Today is the day of the year 2078 to work

Today is the day of the year 2078 to work

Today is the day of the year 2078 to work first-day fo Baisakh we were doing working into the place of the opposite side from river cross in Lamachaur there. Since that person will be trying to call with us force to coming there. First, of day Baisakh we arrived that place in the morning time over into the GangaGauda place of Lekhnath side to further working there. Because we have eaten launch over that place that person will be calling to me there. We haven’t gone own home for rest for this one. Even he has direct going on that working place there. 

We were talking about not working today, but we had to go on our own. In the morning plan, we talked about not coming home at 10 o’clock to do any other work, and then another man told us to do our work. Was talking on the phone and we went to that place. And after arriving at that place, he came back to his house and took the same to the house. Then he came home again and I went to that place again.

We had to work two days today and we had to work like this on the first day. And not only do we have to work today, but we also have to work for our cause. I had to do the same thing today. And Father also speaks his mind. He has not done his thing but according to what his family has done, he has to do it but he has not done it. It is not a matter of going and doing one’s job. It is so hot these days.

It is very hot for me to wear black clothes on it and the sun is also hot. Once outside, people don’t like it, it’s hot on its own. We don’t like it because of the heat. It’s too hot to do anything. And it was too late for us to work in that place. And you have to do your work and then you get home. And even when he came home, he did his job. And we are told not to stay at home. The idea of ​​resting today was not for us

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