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Top 12 Final Audition of Super Dancer Chapter 4

Top 12 Final Audition of Super Dancer Chapter 4

Top 12 Final Audition of Super Dancer Chapter 4 they have welcome the shows behind there. They are welcome the contestants there. Pari Tamang will welcome on stage there. Even they have what was your audition after you selected in next round. Shilpa will gives a good comment with her there. Even the judges will gives good comment with her there. Pari father will doing own dance on stage there. They have fun with each other there. They have make us entertainments there.

Pratti will dance right now for final Audition round over there. She will doing dance it well for it. Geeta direct give a liber with her there. She will got selected on top 12 there. Even her mother will be happy to see this next moment of life there. Soumit will making dance on stage there. Even his own mother will telling own problems happen on stages there. Because his parents Wil be poor family status happen to see there. So even I feel it that there. Even they have support own own children to see his own life there.

Esha will be dancing on stage there. Even she will telling with us we needs eat something then it will be make engry then it will got dance there. Judges will be give express with there. Esha will funny with Anurag dance on stage there. She will doing nice and awesome there. Some of few Dancer will doing on dance over there. Ansnika will dancing on stage there even the judges will give all the best for dance there. Her dance  will be good and awesome with Dancer there.

Judges will give a good comment with there. Even her mother will be happy to see there. Mother will be share own feels over there. Neerja will be dance on stage there. Since he will be doing is best it well for final Audition round there. Judges will making exited over hier dancing there. Geeta will give the diserver her dancing there. They have discuss the. Pari Tamang will select on top 12. Neerja, amit, Anesh, Soumit, Anisika were selected in super 13 on super dance there.

All of them were selected over there. Hope we will making enjoy with the entertainment over the people hope all of them will doing it hark working their own danced over there. All of them many congratulations to them all. They will doing it well for own guru there. He or she will doing it well for dance with there.

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