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The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 7

The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 7

The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 7 of April 9, 2021 or 2077 Chaitra 27 of Friday episode. Sushil trying to welcome the episode of the voice of nepal season 3 into the stage side there. From Himalaya TV channels will be coming on 8pm at Nepali time this program  will be comes there. Dhurba Bk from Bajura place of Nepal. Even his childhood got viral to coming on media. Even the people goes on that place your son’s have some talent we will make future life on. Even his father and mother were dead on during this lock down period even the father also got corona to dead it.

He was now singing on stage there. Deep sir will will be truns to in the stage whole the ended part he will be turns. Dhurba Bk was study class 9 even his age is 16 years even the media will bring in the Voice of Nepal. Even the Pramod tell him sings a songs once again with Bajura songs of his classmates study will also coming on stage of voice of nepal season 3 there. Deep sir will gives a comment to him. Aryan Tamang from Darjarling place of India he coming on the Voice of Nepal Season 3. He will explain own intro on there.

Teams Trisana and Deep will be turns with white light will I want to you. His sings is well for this one. Aryan goes on team Deep he choose him there. Even the deep will share some memories will be happen to share with him there. Urmila kusunda from Dang place of Nepal. She will lower people in Nepal side. Even the father and mother will happy to see while selected her songs on next round. She will sings a songs in stage right on blind audition there. She will be proof about her own caste to whole Nepali people to know them.

Even all four journey turns infornt with her there. She’s goes on Teams Raju even she will following the seasons 2 so that she goes on teams Raju there. Sarada Adhikari from Dhanding of Nepal. She will sings a song’s over stage there. She cannot be selected for next round there. She will sings a songs it well for us because some of part will be missing there. Kapil pun was from Kaski place of Nepal. He will sings a songs it well on stages. Kapil pun will select on next round with the teams of Raju there. Hope you will doing on better on next round there.

Shriya Rawal Chetri will from Kathmandu place of Nepal. She will sings a songs on stage there. She will be share some interviews to share with support from family members. Teams Raju and Trisana will be truns on light color they want to needs them there. She will goes on Trisana tessm to she choose there. She will goes on next round there. Govinda Chempgong Limbu from Kathmandu place of Nepal. He will singing right now there. He isn’t selected on this shows.

Sreeya Nepal from Bara place of Nepal. She will singing Right now there. Even all the judges will be truns into with i want to you like. There is amazing voice of her while see judges will be shocked it there. Even judges will coming on infornt there. All four teams will be make I want you but she will love all of them. She goes to choose the Trisana team to join there. She will be happy to join with her teams there. Now the Sushil will be ended the shows of episodes 7 of the Voice of Nepal of Friday episode to ended there. It might be continued next day he said there.

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