Setting Three Phrase line in Argubasi Lekhanath 

Setting Three Phrase line in Argubasi Lekhanath

Setting Three Phrase line in Argubasi Lekhanath  Today we ate and went to this place. And here is what happened yesterday. After moving here, we went to that place. And it’s a 36-inch band. And that’s the first thing we’ve done. It’s up to the people to fit it. That one man gave us a job. I was told on the phone that I am coming here. And the city here had been moving since morning. This is not to say that you did not come here. And the work done here was not good. And my father-in-law did it himself. And I’m going to take Oli to the market.

Here he gave me money to get money for Oli. And I took the money and went to Gautam’s shop. And the front door of the store is the one that made me walk. And you can do what you want me to do. I have gone to you on my own, and Father will walk on you on his own. I’m angry too, but I’m driving on the road, I’m wondering what to do. It didn’t take me long to pick it up. Oli was also there and I was late because of waiting.

I brought Oli and Father did his job. And I didn’t go to work either. And I have been in pain since morning. I also felt like I was too tired to drive, but I didn’t like it either. And my one was fine while driving. It was too late to work. Today, because of that, our work will be done on time. And before we went to pick up Oli, the waiter had left. We took him and here I was not with him.

And there’s a pair of three-wheelers, and Barry says I have to do it myself. And I have work to do in Kathmandu and I took my own scooter to go to await. And here was his work. And he has done a very bad job here. I also felt that the work here was not good. And my brother-in-law also thought that this person might not be good-looking at work.

But it is my fault. I haven’t done anything about it. And all I have to do is take advantage of it. And people don’t talk about how much it took. And you may think for yourself. This is what people who know you have done. But I have kept my word. From today it has been a work of wiring but the wiring we have not done is to take the three Phase

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