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Change Starter Line of Huskar on Hemja

Change Starter Line of Huskar on Hemja

Change Starter Line of Huskar on Hemja at the moring time we have arrived this place to do their working into there. Even we have called that person to come into the mill house there. Since we have confused while starter line of phase over confuses there. Even the owner will be confused about which line he will be using the MCD use of running the motor line of the Huskar mill. Now new Change starter line of Huskar on Hemja today at near on 8 am at the morning time there. 

This is the man we are carrying with us. But he has been doing it since the turn of his father-in-law. Because of this mill, his family is running his house. And this mill is happy. There is nothing good in this mill right now. We went to fit that. And we’ve been to that place in the morning. And he had come here too. And we didn’t miss much at the mill. And we came here to walk. We have done our own thing to do our job.

This mill is old. People come to this mill to beat. And the beaten money is also given. And there are people in Nepal who have earned money by doing this. Even living in Nepal, this money can be earned from the mill. In the past, people used to make the money and put it in their mills and sell it. There was confusion in taking two oats and hybrid is the name of a person.

And I have shown and worked. And after hearing the starter, we also put Oli. And Oli hadn’t arrived yet. And because Oli didn’t arrive, we were told he was at home. We don’t know if he came here or not. And here is what he said. And here’s what we’ve done cheaply for this fitting. Others say it happens on the night of the market. Here also we are given vegetables. And here’s what he did to us when it came to working.

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