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Working Place on Bijayapool Place of Pokhara

Working Place on Bijayapool Place of Pokhara

Working Place on Bijayapool Place of Pokhara which working into the Rice Mill problem happen on Pulisar that person will be waiting for with us there. Since he cannot work it nicely while the Mill isn’t work it nicely there. He will be understood this feels with us there. We have going this place to open the part of machine there. He will be already open the item of part of machine outside from there. We can see the Bayrin there. One of Bayrin were good and another isn’t goods.

This is the mill of your people. It’s easier said than done. Our work has also been very good. After visiting this place, I also helped Kulna. We have done our basics to open the bayonet. If you don’t have your own basil, you will also lose yourself. Tulas to do their job openly. Tull open and go to work. And I’ve moved those teeth here and there. And it was thrown. And father had checked himself. The front barrel was checked. And the front bayonet was fine.

The backbone was not right. This is the one we brought from our store. And it was easy to change. And the bayonet I gave to father. And father had to open the part of Machine. And it was easier after opening the part. It is easy for people to go, but not knowing. And it was open. He was open and checked. The old was thrown away and the new one was added.

And the debt ahead is also lost. And I had to go to the store for this loan. And I brought it. I have also gone to other places to take it. After not finding this place, we went to Buspark. This also has an opinion. And I moved Phather and father became Bhanu. I have lost that too. And I got it, and I got it. And he had to go to the same place with the same. And she had to sit down again. 

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