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Bhandari Rice Mill in Pokhara

Bhandari Rice Mill in Pokhara

Bhandari Rice Mill in Pokhara at Hemja place of ward 25. Since this Rice mill will be established on Magh month 2077 B.S. She will bring the machinery part from the Bhanu Machinery Suppliers on Pokhara. Bhandari Rice Mill is the three different mill which you cut Rice and Wheat for Agriculture. This place is the zone way of which the near from the Place from the Highway place of Baglung-Pokhara. Under this Mill, we have a lot of services while we make some delicious items make help from a machine. 

There are also people who make money in this mill and throw money and drink flour. Here you have to do as you say. You can do this too. It also happens when you go and talk about how it is. It’s okay to go and look, not talk. People go to this place to do this work. Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to get here? In this mill, you have to beat your money and escape by beating. It is also cheaper at the mill than at others.

Goes to the mill for his work. Some people go to beat themselves up. This business is also done by many people. Many people have also earned from here. According to the Government of Nepal, this has to be done first. Some people take it by showing it to others. And he comes with his own money, but he doesn’t know what the future holds.

According to what you said, who will beat you? And when you polish, you polish according to what you said. Many people have reduced the police in money. Some people have said that you should reduce the police. You have to see for yourself at the time of beating. This is the new mill of Condition. You have to report what you don’t know. After leaving, it becomes easier for yourself.


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