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Happy Gai Jatra 2020 in Nepal

Happy Gai Jatra 2020 in Nepal

Happy Gai Jatra 2020 in Nepal is the festival of Newar society. Since the previous accident period of time, it will be held after the Janai Purnima festival. After the Janai Purnima, this Gai Jatra festival will become on it. It is a festival celebrated in Nepal, mainly in Kathmandu valley by the Newar community. The festival is generally celebrated in the month of Bhadra. The date is set according to the lunar Nepa and falls on the first day of the dark four night of the month of Gunla.

Special this festival was seen into the place of Kathmandu valley and Pokhara valley also too. There is a mask moment of Newar Society were move their body part of his wife/husband’s death. During this coronavirus, there is less amount of people who were making this puja into their own house. Some of the wife or husband were death it will do puja there own home.

It is one of the most important festivals in Nepal. It often falls in Nepali Bhadra month (August to September in Solar Calendar) and continues for eight days. It will become this  August month during this year 2020. This festival will be coming on it. This year only I have fewer people will be making their own role will do it there. Some people were making their own video shots to share their social media side.

We all Nepalese society people will do their different dance to meet with their relative’s person under this festival time. They have called their own family member to make eat there and join with them.


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