Why Adsense Pin Didn't Receive this Lockdown 

Why Adsense Pin Didn’t Receive this Lockdown

Why Adsense Pin Didn’t Receive this Lockdown due to there is less amount of Aeroplan were running into the sky. Only the raw material was moving from one country to another country only. As we haven’t received the pin of Adsense which we have applied 2 times for requesting the pin verify into our account on AdSense. Now 2 times I haven’t got an error message while you can enter your pin to verify your billing address of AdSense pin.

For the case of Nepal, there is no international were as normal condition on the previous one. After this virus will be entering in Nepal. It will be close down. Most Nepali people were unable to get verify their own AdSense account which they have complete the 10 USD dollar into their account. For the website and youtube channel, we are unable to receive the pin verify from Nepal.

Mostly the people did re-send more than 3 times then he/she account will be permanently disabled as lock it. For India, they have received their AdSense pin verify of billing address into their own account. Even the google company was seen in India country. But in the Nepal case, we didn’t receive this pin for verifying on it. Still, we are waiting for billing address verify into own account then starting to earn money from Adsense account.


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