Monday Rainfall Update News of Pokhara

Monday Rainfall Update News of Pokhara

Monday Rainfall Update News of Pokhara it has been a rainy day of Pokhara valley side. Even I think all the whole country of Nepal side it has been rainfall over there.  During this time we need to be safe for these landslides and flood into the village area people. We have listened to this lastest news under this. Since yesterday the rain will be started. It continues still Monday also.

Even I wake up from 6:30am then I see the outside the windows bar still the rain cannot stop it there. Even I think of going for new place vlogs which I’m trying to share my own article under that mention place there. Due to this rainfall, it has been stopping it. Still, the big rainfall was happen seen in your home area or location place. We have to check out the riverside also to.

This year is a very bad year in which the heavy rainfall happens to see into Nepal. Alot of people died from the landslides. Still, the people were unsafe during this rainfall to happen to face it. Below the image, I have uploaded into my mobile device to share a proof it all viewer friends to know it. This still continues for two or three days as I hearing the news of the official website post.

Even I also be thinking about the post out that such kind of message will check it out on social media. That is true finding it out there. I requested all my friends keep stay in a safe place and keep safe from this virus also too. While there is more water is an increase in the river it cannot be controlled. This is a natural impact that happens to face it. We cannot maybe control itself.

Till now update from my website it has been raining on it. We need to share some news that happens related to this topic. July 27,2020 update the news of Pokhara rainfall of lastest news will be updating it. I think it cannot stop right now. Even I see the cloudy will be cover into the sky. Even the sun cannot see it.

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