Bhimsen Thapa's 245th birth anniversary
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Bhimsen Thapa’s 245th birth anniversary

Bhimsen Thapa’s 245th birth anniversary Tribute has been paid to him today. According to the Bhimsen Thapa Memorial Foundation, a tribute was paid to him without any formal program as there was no possibility of a mass gathering this year due to the global epidemic Covid-19. He is bravely worried about our country Nepal. He also is saving our nation. He is the leader of Nepal.

Bhimsen Thapa was born in Gorkha Borlang on 9 July 1832 as the eldest son of Thapakul’s father Sana Amar Singh Thapa and mother Satyarupatha. In 1855, at the age of 23, he succeeded to the title of Sardar. Thapa was martyred eight days after he tried to commit suicide in the Pari Jail on Shrawan 26, 1896, due to various conspiracies of the then royal court.

As the historical memory keep touch into our heartbeat to know him. He fights against the war between his time. Still, the people of Nepal will be share to make his birth anniversary to pray for his soul. Most people well-know about him. Even I have been studies about his details verify during the school lifetime.

Nepalis are remembered, including themselves. Including this has saved our country. Because of this, we have saved the country so far. Now we have to save our country together. There are so many things to do here. There are few people here in Nepal. Today is the birthday of the Birthday here. Today is the day of the Birthday. The family here has made the birth special here. Today is remembered as the day of birth here.

Still, I salute his past moment life which he did our country Nepal. He tries to prevent our country from Nepal . Bhimsen Thapa’s 245 birth anniversary gonna share the message.


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