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Working on Pillar's new home

Working on Pillar’s new home

Working on Pillar’s new home during they have working to input their material inside over there. Then I try to share some images into my own mobile device. Pillar will be needed for new house which makes a box with rectangular space. It will be close with cover of the iron box while making it before there. Today is the day it very nice and good well to know it. There is a favourite condition of weather were seen there. Still, the have happy for working on this work.

At 1pm they have to start their own working to make this new pillar input there. They have to make a line of in the format way to the as correct way. Even I checking into there while they have to make a mistake or not. What he will do it there. What kind of idea did he will be doing there? Firstly he moved from downflow to up flow to bring that box. Inside the box, they have put a Mobil over there. It will be easier to goest that cement material into the pillar.

They have finished within near 6pm today. This four will be open it tomorrow the next day. The whole night it will make support with wood which they haven’t move it. If you want to know it more and more leave your comment there. Hope you will share it there. Today they have finesh the 4 pillars with box cover there.

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