Its Raining day of Thurusday Moring

Its Raining day of Thurusday Moring

Its Raining day of Thurusday Moring at July 9, 2020 when I wake up at 7am at moring time. Before sleeping time I have listen it out the rain sound which I open the windows of my room. Its summar season we cannot close the windows while a sleep time. During the summar season we need to keep open the windows of room. I think whole day it will be make a rain day of thurusday.

After I wake up from own bedroom to wash my face and taken a tea and biscult into the kitchen room. I see around outside it cannot be stop this raining. If they have stop this rain at afternoon or evening time. We cannot tell at current way to weather forcing under this case. But I like a rainy day but while non-stop rainfall its real bad for me and other people also too.

While the people have mud land house it will be destroy the landslides the house isn’t way to made it. Special i finding the news form village area. The house haven’t good condition as valley side. If the road were doing that place it will be made it as valley side house. I’m just writing my style to think form own brain to explain it there. Even my mother and father were already wake at 4 or 5 am at moring time. Both of them are working with house work with buffalo work there. Rest of time they have inoff time to sit on home. My father have outside work.

When the people written about the rain effect and cause of rainy the have find out the correct sense to clear under it. But some case of rain its very much useful to cultivated Rice pady on land for agriculture sector. Hope it will be continue rainfall it our place of Pokhara side. During this time we have make more rainfall will have seen it. At this people cannot move here and there side walk there.

Form my own bedroom i write this article to share this its rain day of thurusday moring time which they have relax feel while they haven’t sleep at night time. During night cat were distrub me even I am try to sleep but somebody come into my room she/he cannot close my door that why I cannot any more with behave activities will do into my room. Another side i listen the sound of rainfall at moring time.

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