I cannot receive 2nd pin request form Adsense

I cannot receive 2nd pin request form Adsense

I cannot receive 2nd pin request form Adsense which teams have been notifying into my dashboard of Adsense profile to checking the list to show their ads over there. First pin request I sent into march 7 the teams will be sent with us but then again sent a request for June 7 for a 2-time request again from the AdSense teams to sent to verify pin address into my account. During this lockdown happen into our country Nepal. All international flights will be close up for one month. Still now also there is no more flight will become our country.

Still one passed it from yesterday date which I sent pin request to bills address verify into my account. I want to remove such notify from my dashboard. If one time I will make it to receive the pin verify into my account. Then it will be shared running more and more ads show into my website to see more ads into my website blog post to see there. While I asked the postal office form Kathmandu they have told with me you must visit our office to check your pin to see it.

Then I call posts office form Pokhara place which I already noted that number which will be easy to know there. Mostly the people have to need to wait for pin verify into my account further verify then after we need set up the payment bills option to link into the bankside also to. Hope it will make sure it will be received into my location further request again and to verify bills address verify into Adsense account there.

There is a lot of people who are still for wait for pin AdSense to verify their own account. From Nepal there so many people still wait for the moment to verify their own account. I need to keep the patient on there till the pin will become or not.

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