Happy Ashar 15 Ropain and Dahi Chiura To You All

Happy Ashar 15 Ropain and Dahi Chiura To You All

Happy Ashar 15 Ropain And Dahi Chuura To You All rain and the plantation period that it brings along with it is deemed important in almost every part of the world. We Nepalease also be celebrate monsoon season as festival to eat Dhai Chiura and Ropain in the Landscape. There is tradition system which ancident period of old people have make a folks songs to sings while making paddy in the crop planting. Ashar 15 have eat Dahi Chiura with wokers with us enjoy them.

Different place of Nepal they have celebrate to collect the different iteams of celebrate to run it with. As tourist also be making crop paddy in planting in the mud land. We need collect amount of water flow to stop it there. Male and female planting a cropping in land mud of water inside there.
I don’t know if I am capable or not. You should listen to Asher’s song. The same thing applies with emphasis. This day will be a day of celebration.

There is a lot of water in some place now. Good water for planting. Some of part they haven’t making rainfall over from the sky. Some of them they are workship with god please flow the water into our land. There is no water have it will be destory for us. There is no animal while doing working with mud land of water for work it.

Other small villages for the Ropain festival and ask for the permission to get your hands, feet and basically your whole body dirty in their field. We are sure, the people won’t deny you on the day of Ashad 15. They can play the songs of Ashar 15 songs with the land make it dirty into mud land to play with friends and other people also too. Even the celebrities stars also be join it out.

During this lockdown there is no program will be held because most of part of terai region got alot of Covid-19 were seen it there. Rest of hills area they have already make this ropali into the land with their own family member over there. There is no working have begining on it. Village area people will be enjoy it there dirty land to play it. They have also be eat Dahi Chiura at middle of time break or finesh their own work. Hope so Happy Ashar 15 Ropain and Dahi Chiura To You All will be great time enjoy itself it.

Some of people need miss their own home which he/she from foreign country for works. This memory moment of Nepal paddy increase lost amount increase they land to growth it.

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