Taking Dahi chiura with Friend at Ashar 15

Taking Dahi chiura with Friend at Ashar 15

Taking Dahi chiura with Friend at Ashar 15 while I moving with Arba Vijaya place of new house making which the people thought for planing to take with them. Some people have taken this Ashar 15 at Nepali. This is Nepalese tradition were celebrates this food item to eat it. A traditional festival of Nepal that falls on the 15 of the Nepali month Ashad is the festival of rice. On the day people eat beaten rice with yogurt (called Dahi Chiura in Nepali).

Today, many birds have eaten their friends and their friends were having fun. A friend said I had never eaten. And Aile is the first to eat. And today I was saying that if I ate, there would be no place. I was sleeping with others. On this fortnight, all Nepalis worship their Gurus. I had seen him on the way forward. Because of the Guru, all our food is taken. And in Burma, people have to dig their own wells and take them to their fields.

And women go to the field with their money and plant money in the field. And the songs are gone by themselves. I ate that with my friends today. And it’s fun to be with a friend and I’ve shared it on Facebook. And you can see how many good Facebook side there are.

आज असार 15 मेरो दहि चिहुरा खाए है। हजुरको भयो। यस पाली मैले साथीहरू सँग ।

Posted by Laxman Baral Blog on Sunday, 28 June 2020

Today, everyone may have shared their social media by eating yogurt at home. I also looked at other people’s Facebook side.. I have also mentioned the YouTube video, you can also watch it and I will give the link of the video below.

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