Dark Cloudy Weather happens in Nepal

Dark Cloudy Weather happens in Nepal

Dark Cloudy Weather happens in Nepal today on June 28, 2020, into the Pokhara valley side. During this Ashar month, there is monsoon were starting to move the rice paddy into the land on Agriculture fields. While we move forward from Simpani to Arba place for some working under that mention location from Today.

Due to heavy rainfall reacted on outside cannot able to go that place to move on. While I see on dark cloudy weather happen today outside it will see a night right now. There is more plenty of water happen on cloudy. I feel difficult to feels stay on the water in rainfall times.

Due to this water, we have not been able to do all the work. Even in the time of such elasticity, our work has become very difficult. After the work is done, it is done. And maybe your place is also raining. I had a plan to go today, but the plan has changed and it has become very difficult. The water has come on the day of Continue. Water makes it very thick. Now the rainwater is so big that this month also happens in our country Nepal.

I don’t like to go anywhere when it is raining and your place to go is also restless. You must have gone somewhere in the monsoon. You have also planted the money that went to the farm. But when there is such a cloud, the mind becomes very big. There is news that there will be more after do what . At such times the water is heavy.

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