Yesterday I Visit Jaimure Place of Pokhara

Yesterday I Visit Jaimure Place of Pokhara

Yesterday I Visit Jaimure Place of Pokhara at the moring time there is cool weather happen to see there. All climate was not good as well for it. While we move forwards from our own home at moring time at 8am. We just arrived at that place at the nearest 30 or 45 minutes to reach that location. We have made some current line of eletricity to check up the box of machinery part there.

While we received that place the person stayed wait for us there. It is difficult to move a ride of scooter of going there. There is flowing water put into the landscape of agriculture fields to make rice in the moonson time in Nepal. I see looks over the place of Jaimure place of the Main road to see up to hills forest side to see the beauty of nature from that place.

Within a minute I have finesh my work it there. Just taking a much more minute to check up there. There are some current were re-connect from the office line which from transmitter line. That place-name Jumlati place which near from Ghamire’s place part of the hills side. That person was good and nice one. He was always asking their own problem it already phone call with father there.

Favorite climate happens to see it there. During this rainfall it much more effective for outside working fields to move there. If there is more water raining outside. Huskar cannot work it nicely make re-direct of opposite were running it there. I just fixed as current positive which seems to make as normal condition there. While making all those things there is no eletricity was there. After a few minutes, it will become there. That person was check-up it there.

Everything was fine as a good condition on it. That thing which we have explained undergoing that place. Evergreen has seen this monsoon time. We have taken not much more spends it there. Sometimes we have also moves that repair the machinery check up it there. While we can make an article we should be mention that point to collect it there. Jaimure is the place of Pokhara I visiting it there yesterday.

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