From the Terai Locusts enter in mountain climbed

From the Terai Locusts enter in mountain climbed

From the Terai Locusts enter mountain climbed On Saturday morning, a large number of firecrackers were seen in the Nijgadh-13 Ratanpur area of Bara. The locals started inquiring about it. When the local agricultural technicians arrived, many grasshoppers were already planted.  This happens seen first time on Nijgdha place of Ratanpur area which there is cultivated land there.

Agriculture product fields into the Terai region of Nepal were in the field as it was farming time. They informed us after seeing us in the morning. Most of the products were field were destroy by the production to increase their farms on land. Soon the news reached the District Agriculture Knowledge Center, Bara.

This information news to the government were happen to destroy their whole part of the land in which people can earn their fields works into the land. A swarm of locusts can cover a distance of 130 to 150 kilometers in a day. There is a different part of the place of the terai region place where coming into the effect there.

The people of this ward have to look at what is being said. And Ward’s Office has said it will work. Now even in the country, even in small talk, we have to go to the ward. This has to be done by the government. And the wards have to be given by Office. This insect also affects us. This is very much dangerous insects that happen in their land face in Nepal.



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