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Beautiful Climate and Nature of Nepal

Beautiful Climate and Nature of Nepal

Beautiful Climate and Nature of Nepal I have gone to such a place today. It is a great pleasure to see Nepal and monsoon. And in this monsoon, people cultivate crops. It’s fun to watch from the farm. When we were little, we used to like to visit such places. I also like to write about small places like this. Monsoon is also very good in Nepal at present. This is very dangerous in the monsoon. There is more garbage in the house. There is heavy rain in the sky above.

During the monsoon season, we have to take care of our time and our health. How fast the farms are done. Why people are not very busy in their work now the country is elastic. Corona is afraid to work elsewhere. There is a lot of farming in the village house. People’s lives have been ruined due to farming. I have seen it in the place I am today. It was Jahimuri of Pokhara who went to the place. This is a photo of the morning time. There is a lot of greenery in this place.

Looking at the houses, I feel like I have come to a pleasant place. But I have seen many places in my life, but I have also seen how good the houses are. While most of the houses are in that place, I still like to go to that place and see the houses of There. Please help improve this article or section by expanding it. The people here are different, the people from other countries are helping.

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