Today I Visiting Muktinath Rice Mill in Pokhara

Today I Visiting Muktinath Rice Mill in Pokhara

Today I Visiting Muktinath Rice Mill in Pokhara at arrived at 8 or 9am to reach that place of  Batulechaur-16, Pokhara. There is some problem were working on it. Some of the parts of the machinery will be fixed there. There are no people having to shite over there. There we can replace the china Disk mill to change the 4L which has been working there.

I went to that mill. And that’s what we did for the people of There. And you must have gone too. We had a very small job. And Chin was to heal the disc mill. They were working and others were watching. And before that, he was working. And we were focused on our work. And there were people in the mill. And other beaters come to the mill. It belongs to Pokhara. And you must have gone to that place too.

I mentioned in the previous post about this mill and you also went to that place today. And today was the day to go up and that’s going to be the way we went to the place above that place. And again why is it gone in time. Birds are easier if people work on time.

After keeping the mill, it has to be healed. And you have to do the services too. You have to know the things of the mill yourself. When the mechanics come to the mill, the people of the mill have to look at it and learn how to do it. I will also post the link to this photo on the photo page. Please help me. It was a small job, not a big one for those at the mill.

आजको काम मुक्तिनाथ राईस मिल मा सानो काम गएको हो। यो मुक्तिनाथ राईस मिलमा के के छ भनेर मैले फोटो सहेर गरेको हो। यो…

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