Curfew in Nepalgunj from tomorrow

Curfew in Nepalgunj from tomorrow

Curfew in Nepalgunj from tomorrow city has been declared a no-go zone (curfew) for three days. An all-party meeting chaired by Chief District Officer Kumar Bahadur Khadka today decided to implement the no-go zone from 11 am to midnight on May 8 this year. Due to the high amount of infected will happen to see on corona in the same place that why the government make a strike on that location.

Within one day 15 person will be corona infection on Nepalgunj place of Nepal. It is closer from the India border side place of Tarai side. Today teams were discussing to make this decision under this update to mention. Police will be making more strong rule and take care of the people violent to strike with action them.

Not only that, now we have to find all the people in that place. And we have to work. And the people who hit the road must also give action, otherwise, the bird will be barley. And it is very difficult. Now the work done by the government is a good thing, but even if it is lost, it will be ruined, otherwise, there will only be misery in that place.

Since yesterday, the news has spread like wildfire, but people are still searching for it. And the people are working in the police are also working for the country. We also have to make a social difference. And you have to be subdued. You may also see it, please do it. This only for four days running it there. Keep making distant with them.

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