Preparing to bring Nepalis living abroad

Preparing to bring Nepalis living abroad

Preparing to bring Nepalis living abroad Speaking at a virtual interaction organized by the Nepali Labor Employment Journalists Group on Monday on ‘Government’s forthcoming plan for the management of stranded workers abroad due to Covid 19’, Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradip Kumar Gyawali said that Nepalis facing difficulties abroad would be identified and repatriated on a priority basis.

Most of the people who have finished their work permit visa for working process for going outside form Nepal side. Because they haven’t come back to own home they have to submit a letter of the ministry of foreign affairs teams to bring Nepali people into Nepal return. Some of the media has been mentioning it out this video as update it there.

This post will be updated on newspaper of Gorkhapatra newspaper which mentions updating there. More than three thousand submit the application to return foreign agent of Ministery on near location who handle this case. They have sent to Nepal ministry affairs to verify. Rest of country like Kuwait And Qatar government discuss to return with own invest money to send Nepali people to return on Nepal.

Even in such a time, the government of Nepal has to do it, otherwise, the same Nepalis have to do it by talking to the government of other countries. These are the things that all Nepalis have said that we have to find in our own country or we will have to give up. We have to live in such a country. They will be brought to Nepal but the government of Nepal should check and verify the tennis thoroughly.

Airport Nepalis who came to the airport should be allowed to go only after checking all of them. And here you have to pay for your house. But now the government is talking about bringing in people from the country. It will be good news to mention those happy to know to learn this news. Hope you will become soon in Nepal.


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