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Beautiful view of Pokhara city

Beautiful view of Pokhara city

Beautiful view of Pokhara city is the second large city of Nepal which the famous place of Pokhara. seen from the side of the road to Sarangkot. Currently, Pokhara has turned into a green zone due to lockdown. There is beautiful scenery to looks with a beautiful house and area of the environment will be seen over with the beauty of nature.

Here are beautiful looks of Pokhara city which people were staying on lockdown for long one month ago. There is no more any tourist will be finding it out there Romain on the roadside. A peaceful environment will be seen in this city. There is an industry area will be in Chauthe place.

You may be in Pokhara and you may have seen many places. And this is today’s photo opinion of Sarangkot. But Pokhara is where we live. And we have seen the lakes. And the rivers are also seen. The people of the place are both good and bad. It happens according to the thought. All of us Nepali’s have helped the people of other countries.

Pokhara is lost with a beautiful distillery. And in the time of Aile, the whole is in Pokhara. And people have work to do. And Aile has dealt with all her ailments. And when it comes to Pokhara, a lot of things come up. You have to think twice. Pokhara is not as crowded as Kathmandu.

Pokhara is very beautiful to look at from any place. When you look from Dada, you can still see the whole city. I like to see how fun it feels to go to such a place. You have seen Image but we have other places like Pokhara but we have not seen a city like Pokhara in others. We love our city of Pokhara beautiful to looks awesome and amazing will see it.

Hope you will be must-visit out this place of Nepal country then you can enjoy it this place to share with us. We love our Pokhara very much and enjoy the fun with lakeside looks different restaurant.

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