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Watch India’s biggest concert May 3

Watch India’s biggest concert May 3

Watch India’s biggest concert on May 3 Two weeks ago, we started work on India’s biggest concert. To entertain people who are locked-down at home. To pay tribute to those who work on the frontlines while we work from home. And to raise funds for those who have no work and no home. And when we were just days away from the concert, we lost two of our leading lights.

Since during two actors were missed it Rishi Kapoor And Irrfan Khan passed away from this earth. Whole India celebrities will be missed it a lot. You can help with by donating this URL link: and stay tune in this link URL you can watch it out on the Facebook page to follow it on May 2, 7:30Pm Indian Time you can go there.

There is hashtag were mention it below image which I share an update for those people those who have to listen to it out this message to know it well for it. I’m Nepal but how I can donate the fund with them. Special this message goes those India people who have to check it out this link url link to follow it.

A maximum number of people already donated with buy online transaction with the different payment system they have tried to save the India people to fight with coronavirus at this time. I hope so you don’t miss it out this amazing shows into the Facebook page which I already mention a link there.

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