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In India has been extended for two weeks

In India has been extended for two weeks

In India has been extended for two weeks has been decided to extend the lockdown till May 17. On Friday, India’s home ministry said the lockdown had been extended for two weeks. According to the ministry, no exemption will be given in 130 districts in the country’s ‘red zone’ during the extended lockdown period. This bad news against the India country.

India has around 33 thousand above cross the cases of coronavirus in India place. India is a large country in the south Asian country in the world. There is a lot of people who didn’t care about health. Day by day it will be an automatic increase number of people to see a death rate increase day by day to update it.

Even Modi also be trying to solving this stop this fight against this virus. Some of few YouTuber and actor/actress was singing a song of coronavirus related. Even one thousand died in this virus in India. It will be touch with near fifty thousand cases in India. That why Modi will make a decision with another 2week for lockdown in India.

Modi tries to send a message with people comment also too. Since a few weeks ago I talk with one friend who lives on Uatter Pradesh he is a worker in the bank for his duty time. There is a red zone place of the area needs to control and make tried with that mention place of location which the government will decide it.

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