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5G service operation in Everest

5G service operation in Everest

5G service operation in Everest China has brought FiveG Internet to the highest peak, Mount Everest. 5G service has been launched in the Everest region from noon on Thursday in a joint effort of China Mobile and Huawei. 5G mobile service has been launched at an altitude of 6,500 meters above Everest, according to China Daily. The Chinese team from Tibet has connected the 5G network.

Since few websites of china, they have already launched it out the 5G network with the nearest highest peak of mountainside they have made this network which Huawei network. As Sagarmatha there are working on 5G network with china company will make this. Between 5300 meter to 6500 meters, the network will be working it. It will be available 24 hours to service to all.

But the peak of mount climb people will be happy this news sharing it out teams were working to make this network on mount peak side of china border side. Teams will be still working under this side to maintain. Teams will make their operation this network will be working or not. If the network will be working then people will be buying this phone while climbing on the mount.

This is big technologic china will be launching it out this service. This is network is soo much fast network of internet speed to while people have used the internet. While the internet it will be easier it knows it while he/she will be uploading some message to see. The new phone of Huawei it has been a network of 5G.

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