Fire at Fungling Bazaar in Taplejung

Fire at Fungling Bazaar in Taplejung

Fire at Fungling Bazaar in Taplejung 7 houses and 5 mobile shops destroyed by fire. The fire that started at 10 pm last night has been brought under control around 5:30 am on Saturday. Today Moring it happens according to the District Police Office, Taplejung, seven houses and five mobile shops have been destroyed by fire to see there got fire on that place.

There is a lot of properties will be got fire in that place. Even the people were making a video shot to share on the social media site to they have published this news. I’m really sad about reading it out this news. During this lockdown period, it happens to see it there. Some of the police arrived at that place that maintenance clear of fire to stop it.

There is a big amount of money was lost into the fire. Even as mobile shop and rest of house got big fire on it. We have said only like this you should keep staying safe that things we can save a life. In the fire of 2071 BS, 35 houses were burnt and tens of millions of rupees were lost and 90 families were displaced. A few years ago this happens to listen to it out news on that place.

If a bird catches fire, you have to throw away your water. Otherwise, many things have been ruined. We are also sad. When there is a fire like this. There has already been a lot of money in the market place due to the fire. How bad it is to have a fire in the same place again today! What we need to think about is that people are just fine. It is a pity that the money we have spent now is gone, but we will not let the fire go anywhere

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