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I respect My Father and Mother

I respect My Father and Mother

I respect My Father and Mother into my family. I was born into my father and mother family in this world. But some things were can take care of myself. Some case of father and mother wouldn’t make wrong-way direction into my life to move on. Anytime my father toucher with mother while he returns from his work hard to share risk with wife at home within in children in the childhood.

My brain goes on growth day by day to increase it. But everything he provided with me but some less number of clothes and meet with he can fight against with wife and sons and daughter. When I was on small-time he father told his wife you can through sons on outside it really disturbing to me. He didn’t care about family problem status as even wife also too.

But born is a horror. He has not been able to take care of his family well. Aileen I am teaching my mother to speak with her mouth and Father is teaching her love while her son is reading a school book. At the time of that, his anger is aroused with angry with the wife. This is how much money is spent. And if our promises cost us money, then what kind of negative things do we think?

I have been respecting my mother and father till now. I wonder why I just settled in my house like this. The reason why I left Study is because of father. Then he came home to wake up and talk dirty to his mother. And when the mother reminds him, he gets angry. Why do you have to be angry with me even today in small things? Why does this happen in my family? Now I am looking for a way to differentiate my envelope.

My father did not test it by showing the family of others. However, there are so many types it’s hard to say. I’ve been doing this before. But even my left-handed bird will never become such a habit negative. I have declared myself free in my envelope but that does not seem to be the case. But I respect with father and mother forever things repeated it life part.

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