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My Saturday blog Story Part 14

My Saturday blog Story Part 14

My Saturday blog Story Part 14 I woke up yesterday morning. And for a while, the bird went to my kitchen room. And then I took medicine and had a stomach ache. And for a while, I ate water. And in a moment I went to the Toilet. Then the test bird I went to my kitchen room and had tea. And after a while, I went to my room. And at 8 o’clock I opened the laptop and for a while, Jesus was looking at the blog post and I felt like doing it.

I was doing that and at 10 o’clock I ate the bird and together with my mother. And father had gone out to leave the same. And the bird I had opened my laptop and chuckled at mealtime. And I was doing on the laptop. And father came and talked to me angrily. I was beginning to see the hubris of anger with myself.  My father becomes one thing and then another becomes one in a moment.

I don’t like this hubby. It’s best not to talk to people like that, but I was angry too. And yesterday I was angry at the conversation. I was told not to become my father. The bird has not spoken. You should not do such a thing. Throughout the day, YouTube had other tricks on the video. And the days were gone. And one of the person’s rechargers came with me in the afternoon and I wouldn’t have checked. And in Call Centre, it was decided that it would not be in the system.

This is what happened to me yesterday. Please tell, what’s the story of your post. And please feel free to comment below. This is story post will be ended right now mention with to you here. Some of few post I ever share own personal blog with you here. My Saturday blog story part 14 will end it here.

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