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Yesterday night there is no eletricity

Yesterday night there is no electricity

Yesterday night there is no eletricity on Tuesday night I have been mentioning it there. There is much more winds flow of air happens to see it. While I’m trying to search on the internet for work there. There is no eletricity no connection to stay on there. I feel too bored to share some mention. Unable to sleep in the bedroom. I feel lonely and alone feels in my heart. While feeling towards on brain to think it.

If there is eletricity I make much spend with the internet with wifi of world link connection. While eletricity is there I try to make spend with the internet on the youtube channel. At night time I spend on always-on youtube video to look there. I try to sleep into own bedroom but unable to sleep it well. Too much hour I have wait to come back on eletricity to look it. I listen to see a sound of water flow outside to feels into my eye.

Without electricity, I cannot able to doing anytime to spends with them. Some of the people will be share own feels of an article of daily life related during at own room. They have also been think for new creative an idea to share to all. I open my mobile sim data from ncell to open Facebook to see a post they have shared information on coronavirus in our country Nepal. Days really bored for me while no eletricity happen in Night time. At night time there is a lot of spends on the internet with data pack and wifi fiber in your own home.

According to the government tells there is no effect for your regards with eletricity towards your home. Sometimes I will be gone. But a few minutes it will become in. But Tuesday night long time hour they have come back on eletricity. During the time of lockdown, we have spent through the internet spends own mobile device. This moment of life I haven’t forget it. While after a long time I see it there.

Sometime it will be shared with all people they will be known. I’m not sleeping for more hours at night. Even I’m also trying to phone while why eletricity doesn’t come it yet now. What happens right now into eletricity. But due to heavy rainfall winds with a bang into seeing in cloudy winds to look there. This is a small blog post share with you. I hope you might comment it below. Even I feel sick without eletricity not coming in the home. No internet No wifi to see to look anythings to search on google on the internet.

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