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Today Nahendra Modi Against Lockdown in India

Today Narendra Modi Against Lockdown in India

Today Narendra Modi Against Lockdown in India which the people of the previous announcement to mention you can keep waiting for 21 days we can fight against the coronavirus within this day. Even I also watch it out of the previous speech of Modi prime minister of India. He announces a speech to people who had made it light a candle at 9pm at Indian time. As people will also do it that at night time.

But the prime minister will follow people in Indian people. As he gives awareness to the people please stay at home safe from coronavirus. If you break the rule of government policy it might take reaction to her/his them. Only important work will be going to outside from home. Otherwise, you should keep quiet at home. Even he had request please you can use follow-me which told in a speech to share all things over there.

I like the people of the prime minister of India which people are following with him. During this time, he was shocked. Many cases will be found in the nearest hospital to check out reports daily. Day by day it will be an increasing number of people cases happens to see in the hospital. Even the doctor was shocked. We are still working to check the people to make them as new life to save it. As this virus, we haven’t any medicine to protect it. Even a big developed country will be trying to finding it.

Today’s speech of Modi to make against up to May 3 keeps staying fight with this virus to stay at home. We have to need to stay healthy against sharing the nearest future which the virus will be ended in one day. I think it might be down the upcoming day during on summer season it will be controlling it. The normal virus will unable yo attack to another person to transmitted between them. Some of part will be the mention from Modi speech today which you have listened to it already.

All Indian people will be followed to the Modi government to make fulfilled to desire with people there. A lot of things should be the mention from Modi today. Modi will be given the right message to the whole people of India. If the government will be control it will automatically control it there. If the virus will be ended. They will be celebrating this virus after the virus will be ended. You might be follow up on his speech there. If it isn’t controlling it will be automatic control it there.

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