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Today 9pm India PM Modi will light a candle

Today 9pm India PM Modi will light a candle

Today 9pm India PM Modi will make a candle against coronavirus to pray for god to it. There is 9:09pm they will be light be going on it. Different people of the place they have made to do it there. People of different political person will make light cancer. Indian fight against coronavirus. Whole people are supported by PM Modi to make them. Today 9pm India PM Modi will light a candle people have to wait to see too against to make it be strong with coronavirus.

I am really happy to support Indian people to know it there. Indian fiery candle is burning. And what Modi has said is that people have done the same thing to the people. And you probably did. And maybe make friends. Everyone seems to have shared. And Indian friends have also taken up social media. And so has Modi. I’m also watching And doing a small post on the blog. Now the husband for Coronavirus is thinking of the Indians who have done for their country.

The candle is also lit. And in many places, I have lost the neves in India. And you probably have Played. I’ve done a photoshoot. And you might want to stay. Now we have to end the Coronavirus. Enjoy the whole house. Not everyone is asleep, Modi has done what people have said. Big leaders are also burnt by the candle.

I hope the whole actor will be supported by PM Modi will be tweet on social media sites also. Even moring time he has announced on the media news channel also too. Tonight we have to do candlelight to fight against

coronavirus. May some news channel they have made a report with different place of celebrities to share own social media site to share some photo.

Today 9pm India PM Modi will light a candle making candle outside from home which people want to share some mention a photo. I will be sharing many things under this website they will share it.

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