I got community Standards To spam on Facebook

Finally I got community Standards to spam on Facebook

 I got community Standards to spam on Facebook

I got community Standards to spam on Facebook which posted out of violent the rule of Facebook which teams had been mention to all users. Those who had posted on their page side to share that case to see it there. Sometimes I got this spam into from Facebook teams. Since yesterday I posted out into my Facebook page to share link URL of post into my page the teams already remove that post at spam on community standards spam.

I request those people who have got this spam from community standards from Facebook don’t worry about this which team has sent it to mention to you here. During this time we mostly share only coronavirus updates as news into your page side to share your post over it there. But Facebook didn’t accept your post on it there. I got community standards to spam on Facebook which mentions, again and again, doesn’t do any mistake in your post there.

Most of the people didn’t know what is community standards on the Facebook page which you have shared. Teams will be watching it out your post on it there but we didn’t know it well for it. I think this is how you do it. I have posted it to you and it is a matter of opinion about you. And you know the level of why I did that on Facebook.

Yesterday I had such a message from Fechtube Teams that you have done the same thing, but you can also see such Guidelines if you have trouble getting monetization. This is Message Normal. If you do a lot of it, then maybe even a block. You should remember those things under while doing right now. You should order rule from Facebook.

But you have to act like that. I would not ask you to do such a thing. Fakebook Teams Deletes Your Posts. And you get a message of hope. You are not folded. But you heightened the notification. Think about it.

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