Government’s decision lockdown by Baisakh 3

Government's decision lockdown by Baisakh 3

Government’s decision lockdown by Baisakh 3

Government’s decision lockdown by Baisakh 3 The meeting of the Council of Ministers, which ended on Monday afternoon, has decided to extend the lockdown by Baisakh 3. The government announced a lock-in for the coronavirus (COVID-19), the second infectious disease, from Chaitra 11. to Chaitra 25. In addition, a meeting of the High-Level Committee on Corona Prevention Sunday recommended the lockdown period be extended.

At a cabinet meeting in Baluwatar, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli also stressed that the lockdown should be strictly followed. “The emphasis was on speeding up the rapid test with lockdown,” said a minister. Those leader were sitting on a meet to make a decision to make it up to Baisakh 3. Some of the workings earn daily money they have really effective for a longer time spends it lockdown.

I’m really sad about this lockdown and this coronavirus not able to stop it. Its rapid number of volumes worldwide. This is what people have been brainwashed into, not just to us but to the whole world. What happens when we are more than one day, how much worse it may be in other developing countries. You might as well consider that. But if it is open then it is too hot. The disease has not happened yet. Today, it has been a rough week. But the government is good at discouraging people but it is still difficult for people.

Every day people come to bid farewell to youtube channels and news. And the fact that I have not given the people food to eat I say. But rich people have money to work with but money is the only way to earn money. I wish to know about the government’s wealth in such matters. Many people do it by simply cooperating. Now the government has to give.

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