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During Lockdown Farmer's effect on the milk

During Lockdown Farmer’s effect on the milk

During Lockdown Farmer’s effect on the milk in Nepal, it has been effective while they daily earn money to share into the market. There is a lot of people who have invested money on the farm to run their own business. It goes down while they have no item of food of cow to make milk to service to all people of Nepali in the city area. As I saw on Youtube video and news on the tv which they have told to share problems with the government also too.

People have tried to quit their jobs for milk. And there has been hail in our city, farmers have also been harassed due to milk. The milk has to be washed away. Hearing such pain, difficult is of the opinion. People have also given up their jobs. It’s also sad when I look at other places. Selling milk is also expected to be bad. It is a matter for the government to take this matter seriously.

Milk is something we should eat wholeheartedly daily. In other places, it is also the same, but it is very difficult for people to eat food while sitting. Such things have not really gone away. You may have to go to the place where the milk is delivered. In Nepal, this has happened to farmers. This is the case in our country. And it may be so in the land of your lord.

Much money has been wasted on how much money the farmer has lost. We are the thing. However, the government has to do the same for others. But not just one man but all the people have been bad. But due to the virus, there has been hail in many countries.


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  1. It’s a shame to hear how hard-working people need to experience life harder than a lot of others. I hear about farmers in each type of business that their distribution broke down, the supermarkets are market places they used to sell their products are not there and they need to destroy their harvest gods.

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