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Senti Virus Movie of Nepali Film

Senti Virus Movie of Nepali Film

Senti Virus Movie of Nepali Film which was held on february 21, 2020. Since last week friday this film will be release it. This is one of comedy film movie of Nepali People those who want to enjoy this movie in nearest cinemas hall. This film is director by Rambabu Gurung.

Actor name in this role is Dayahang Rai, Kumar Kattel, Rajaram Poudel, Buddi Tamang, Wilson Bikram Rai, Kamalmani Nepal and Suryamala Khanal. This is the main role was doing this movie to play it out. As director making it work hard to make this movie to run it whole Nepal.

Still the movie ticket were available into nearest cineama hall to watch it out. If you haven’t watch it out trailer movie on youtube just be watch there. If people of Nepali going to watch this movie for help to make a new cricket ground to donate it. Sitaram Kattel also be role in this movie also too.

There is alot of work hard to make this movie to work out in different to faced it. This movie budget is 2crore to used a money to invest it. Still 4days run this movie into cineama hall. I hope this film make more knowledge things to know it. All Nepali people must be watch it out.

We can get some knowledge things to improved it. But comedy movie were mention but we can learn somethings new story to build a part to learn it. If you haven’t watch it out just go hall to watching this movie. I hope so people will be support and love to share more people to know it. Still some were promote with serial to promote it. All the best those whole teams wo make this money investment to make more profit.

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