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Rainfall Moring on Hemja Pokhara

Rainfall Moring on Hemja Pokhara

Rainfall Moring on Hemja Pokhara which i wake up form moring time at 6pm. After we move on hemja for work place to there. There is small amount water rainfall happen to see it. But pervious its totally sun raise it early moring but today december 25, 2020 got again rainfall in pokhara. Its make a feels cold for myself on it.

Even it will ve distrub all product of agriculture field area also too. In hemja people have cultivated a potato in their own land to run business market that time which festival were run in every year. Even i’m on Hemja place pokhara. I just on rice mill house to sitting it there.

While we come from own home it will be little little drop of water rainfall shows effect on it. But now its totally rainfall happen on it. Over a sky surrounded by cloudy not able to see a sun on it. I like a such of rainfall around to listen a sound of drop of water falling into a land and road to flowing a water.

This is a moment of my life which we i want to share information to all people about weather update for you. Even while rainfall happen on it i direct write an article to mention to all people on it. Some people still sleep on bedroom to feels warm on bedroom. Most of people those who travel to some place it might be distrub of rain which they have going on distination place.

Such a amazing rainfall to see a moring time on hemja. I would be thankful myself to start writing this article to you all. Still non-stop rainfall effect to seen today. I will more mention to your for more information under this post to next post to you.

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