CAN info Tech pokhara 2020

CAN info Tech pokhara 2020

CAN info Tech pokhara 2020

CAN info Tech pokhara 2020 which held on february 23 to 27, 2020 in pokhara at NayaBazar. This program will run only 4days to make some offer and service related with different price to mention it. There is assiocated by Worldlink at this Year. Even i have miss to going this place for visit there. Every year people have run it this program into their.

There is different market were enter on that hall to sell a product. Sometime we needs to be learn somethings news for it. We needs a technical knowledge from there. While you visiting that place you should have own idea to explain that festival or program on it. Different company to network side were happen to seen it.

CAN info bring more tech info provider to the people they have test to know it. You can any question with a good deal over that place. This year people have certain amount of will visiting it there. Pervious i have been visit that place for some price to received from esewa which they have launch a contest in esewa user.

If people will know any offer happen on there he/she should to buy it product on there. You can seen a image finding a poster around into amarsigh with i taken my mobile device to capture this image on it. Even i forget it that which i will be update to under into my website yesterday.

This have been already started it. Today is very bad day to for going people on that place since moring time effect of rainfall. Even i also try to going that place but i’m unable to going that place on it. Can info bring such of technical knowledge to look into there. Even you can find a eletronic device to buy it.

There is discount on material which you can anythings under that festival for visiting it their. Don’t miss chance for going it that place today. There is remain 2days left it will be close this offer also too. Even worldlink have make offer of new customer connection into home and office also too.

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