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Fitting New Masala Mill in Birauta

Fitting New Masala Mill in Birauta

Fitting New Masala Mill in Birauta which new machinery was selling from Bhanu machinery supplier from Pokhara. Since she brought it out this India dauda to make service from to the people to daily needs on it. This place is located as birauta place into the inside of the near school side to see this mill.

It will be maintained it soon for service to the people over that place on it. This is near from birauta chowk to bring that location on it. But I don’t know the correct mention location in which people will know it well for it. The second picture color is red to see into an image to see that masala will need it.

This spice went to the mill today, the new one is going to be added. We have also completed the work. And you see it in the photos. And I also did a blog on my blog called Small Seas Hot. And the spice mill is also in many places. People are also doing it for themselves.

Other people do it for their business. And people would go to the nearest place and go to the mill. And your service is great. And I have to say about S too. And things get better when things happen.

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