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Does Nepal celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2024 People of the present generation have spread such a culture in Nepal that it is difficult for people to even think about it. As soon as it is called Valentine’s Day, people do other activities, such as giving flowers and proposing to their girlfriends. Many people are also giving different gifts and sharing different things online.
I think this Valentine’s Day is not appropriate for us because it has not been in Nepal since the beginning; it has come to Nepal in the last generation. As many people have various offers and bumper gifts available on Valentine’s Day, I have seen on these shopping sites that couples can get their entertainment and enjoyment on Valentine’s Day by visiting this place.
As soon as February 2024 comes to people’s minds,  Valentine’s Day is coming, and now people are thinking about what to give to their girlfriend and what to give to their old lady. There is also a contradiction in this matter.
I usually see many young people like to go to some secluded place and enjoy going to some viral sports place, and after night they go to disco and they also enjoy the fun environment. Do you think it is not appropriate for our Nepal? What do you think? Please suggest it to me because it is a bit inappropriate for our Nepal as soon as it is called Valentine’s Day, and it has affected our Nepali culture a lot.
This festival is performed by foreigners. It seems that our festival does not belong to it, and nowadays this thing is very widespread in the world.
How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day 2024, and how are you thinking about where to go and where to impress them and spend the best time of your life? I am saying that Valentine’s Day is not appropriate for Nepal, but I think that if people want to understand this well, they should first understand what the culture of their country is and what their festival is. 

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