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Is it Possible to work with a Loan from a Bank in NepalIs it Possible to work with a Loan from a Bank in Nepal

Is it Possible to work with a Loan from a Bank in Nepal it is very difficult to pay interest according to the loan taken. It becomes difficult if you don’t have a daily income. Many people take a personal loan from the bank, but they are unable to repay the money and are completely bank. And they have to sell their properties.
People used to take small amounts of loans. It has been seen that they take a lot of loans, and if they can’t work, sometimes they run away, sometimes they go somewhere else, and sometimes they ask people for money and don’t pay. If you have taken a loan from the bank, then the bank employees or the bank’s policy will handle you anyway.
I will tell you at this time: what do you do with a loan, can you work together with a loan in Nepal, and how many people do you think there are who take a loan in Nepal? Most of the banks have stopped giving loans now. Because people are not trustworthy.
I don’t have the youth of honesty; whatever the bank does, they have to follow the rules and policies of the government, but if people look at the economy of the year 2080, it seems that it is okay to take a loan. Man, you took a loan and you started a business, but if the business doesn’t work, think about what will happen to you.
In my opinion, if you are thinking of taking a loan, please don’t take one, and you should know that you have to pay after taking the loan. If you have taken a loan from a bank, you will get a call from the bank every month, and you will have to pay it anyway. Rather than doing such a hassle, it seems like it is better to take a loan from the bank.

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